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    differences between Great Expectations Film / Book


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    differences between Great Expectations Film / Book

    Mensaje  Bryanjrf el Dom Mar 13, 2011 9:53 pm

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    there were so many different things in the film...

    the main difference i can point out is that in the movie the boy's name is finn, in the book his name is Pip...
    also the story in the movie happens in the US, according to the book, it happens in a small town of england.
    in the movie Joe is a fisher, in the book he's a blacksmith
    the times that the book describes are not the same in the movie.
    pip's sister is supposed to be mean with him and joe, in the movie she's kind and a good person towards them.
    the old lady in the book is a little sad, and depressing, but in the movie she is a real happy person insted, she likes dancing and singing
    the way pip meets the convict is way too different in the movie...
    it is supposed to be christmas time.
    in the movie Pip likes to paint.

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