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    Geographic location and political division of England



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    Geographic location and political division of England

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    Is one of the four constituent countries of the UK. Its territory consists geographically central and southern part of Britain, an island it shares with Scotland and Wales, and about 100 smaller islands including the Islands of Sorlingas and the Isle of Wight.
    Scotland bordered on the north, west to Wales, its two-land borders, the sea northwest of Ireland to the southwest by the Celtic Sea, the east by the North Sea and the south by the Mancha Channel.
    So United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland) is a state in Western Europe, British Islands, including a 1 / 6 of the island of Ireland. This country is bordered on the north by the Atlantic Ocean and the North Sea and northeast to the Mancha Channel, across which is France.
    Apart from the island of Great Britain and the northeastern part of Ireland, is included in its territory other British islands: Wight, Man, Anglesey, the Hebrides, Orkney and Shetland) and small Anglonormandas Islands, off the French Cotentin PThe political division of England is its division into 47 counties ceremonies, which are preceded by a Lord-Lieutenant, which is conceived as the Queen's representative in the region to which he chairs, the current reference used for these is the metropolitan counties or metropolitan.
    eninsula Those counties were started to appear on maps of early twentieth century, in 1965 he joined the Greater London, which ended with the abolition of Middlesex County, but was until 1974 where there were real changes in the political distribution of England .
    The word comes from an expression County in ancient times it referred to a piece of land governed by a Count, the term underwent several changes especially with regard to administrative matters, because today is conceived as a mere political division and administrative
    The names of the English counties (in alphabetical order) are:
    Bédford; Berks; Brístol; Buckingham; Cambridge; Cornualles e Islas Scilly; Cumbria; Cheshire; Derby; Devon; Dórset; Durham; Essex; Glóucester; Gran Londres y Ciudad de Londres; Gran Mánchester; Hampshire; Hereford; Hértford; Isla de Wight; Kent; Lancashire; Léicester; Lincolnshire; Merseyside; Mídlands Occidentales; Nórfolk; Northampton; Northumberland; Nottingham; Óxford; Rútland; Shropshire; Sómerset; Stafford; Suffolk; Súrrey; Sussex Occidental; Sussex Oriental; Tyne y Wear; Warwick; Wiltshire; Wórcester; Yorkshire Meridional; Yorkshire Occidental; Yorkshire Oriental; Yorkshire Septentrional.


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    Re: Geographic location and political division of England

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